risograph printing

risograph printing

Risograph is a digital screenprinting method designed for sustainable, high-volume printmaking. The stencil duplicator printer was invented by Japan’s Riso Kagaku Corporation in 1980 as a digital advancement of the mimeograph machine.

I currently print at the RisoLAB based at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Focus on Sustainability

  • Inks formulated with byproducts of rice bran oil production
  • Stencil master paper created from banana and hemp fibers

Unique Color System

Risograph inks allow exceptionally bright prints difficult to reproduce with traditional digital printing methods. Below is the color system I use at the RisoLAB.


Classes & Sample Work

Zines & Small Publishing

Spring 2024

Instructed by Panayiotis Terzis - Artist, Founder of Megapress

Abandoned Children’s Asylum - 16 page risograph zine on the Arthur Brisbane Child Treatment Center in Allaire, New Jersey.


RISO Printing: Art Books & Abstract Comics

Fall 2023

Instructed by Aidan Fitzgerald - Artist, Printer, Poet, Co-Founder of Cold Cube Press

Introduction to Risograph Printing

Spring 2023

Instructed by Wren McDonald - Illustrator, Cartoonist